Since Sam Stevens opened Stevens & Company Law in 1996, his vision of “results through trust and respect” has been the guiding principle of the firm.

“It’s simple; we respect our clients”, said Sam Stevens. “We do that through gaining their trust.”

Sam has dedicated much of his life to serving the needs of First Nations.  Today, the Firm has expanded its practice to provide a wide range of legal services in the areas of Human Resources and Employment Law, First Nations Law, General and Civil Litigation, Wills and Estates Planning, Real Estate Law, and Business/Corporate Law.

“In many respects, it’s finding the person you connect with”, Sam said. “Not only do you have to have the skills to be a good lawyer, but you should be a person who has your clients’ best interests at heart.  With my law firm, we try to do that every time – we show the client who we are and give them the sense that they can trust us and that we will get results for them.

The firm’s past success and future vision remains consistent.  Our clients trust us because they know we respect them and will practice the law in their best interest.”


In practicing law, we follow the five-A’s:

  • Acknowledge

    We acknowledge who you are. We respect you as a person and as a people with a long history, rich traditions and unique needs.
  • Appreciate

    We are grateful and thankful for you, our client. We are committed to understanding, appreciating, and valuing you.
  • Accept

    We accept you for who you are.
  • Affirm

    We affirm that you, the client, are always in control of your destiny. We are here to provide our support, and encouragement.
  • Act

    We are dedicated to helping you and your community to achieve your goals and satisfy your community needs. We are focused on the long term and establishing a deep relationship with you and your community