We support our First Nations clients with undertaking the preparation, submission, and negotiation of Specific Claims settlements.

What is a Specific Claim?

Specific Claims is a process developed by the Canadian Government to help First Nations resolve grievances with the Government about how land and other assets were administered, and treaties fulfilled.

From the Government of Canada Website:  “Specific claims deal with the past grievances of First Nations. These grievances relate to Canada’s obligations under historic treaties or the way it managed First Nation funds or assets. The Government of Canada prefers to resolve these claims by negotiating settlements with First Nations. Negotiations lead to “win-win” solutions that bring closure, benefits and certainty for all Canadians.”

What is the Process?

The process was established by the Canadian Government to provide First Nations with a means to have claims addressed through negotiations with the government instead of going through the courts.

A Specific Claim is advanced through a series of steps: