A human resource bootcamp can benefit employees who are new to the HR world or seasoned veterans and be the starting place of building a healthier workplace. We can assess your existing internal strengths and weaknesses to design and deliver a custom bootcamp to tackle your challenging workplace issues.

From Hiring to Firing

This session will walk you through all stages of the hiring process, from posting notice to signing the employment agreement.

What are you Looking for?

  • You keep hiring for a position but no one can get the job done. Drafting a good job description is essential for attracting the right candidates.


Asking All the (Wrong) Questions

  • Hiring slow will save you time and money down the road. It is imperative to sit down and plan the questions you need answered from each candidate.


Facebook Me

  • It’s just so easy to check a candidate’s Facebook page or twitter account but should you really do it? Explore the pitfalls of social media checks and look at when checks are appropriate.


See You Monday

  • Once an offer is made, the employer is legally bound. Taking steps at the outset of an employment relationship to solidify the terms and conditions of employment helps to ensure that everyone knows what to expect and will limit an employer’s liability if expectations are not met in the probationary period.


Strengthening Internal Structures

To Whom do I Owe this Obligation?

  • Chief & Council and administrative employees have different obligations and responsibilities. Confusing these responsibilities can result in conflicts of interest and potential liability. This session will define the lines between governance and administration.


But I Didn’t Know I Wasn’t Supposed to Do That?

  • Whether you are the employer or the employee, you have obligations. Understand the obligations and duties of both, what a solid progressive discipline policy looks like and the importance of an HR policy.


Off Sick Yet Again

  • It’s the Friday before another long weekend. Do you know who is going to be absent? An employee gives you a doctor note saying “off work for three weeks.” Is there anything you can do about it? Managing culpable and innocent absenteeism.


Do You Know Your Duties?

Privacy and HR Files

  • Ever wonder what employee documents to keep and when they can be thrown out? This workshop with discuss the legal requirements for document retention under federal privacy legislation.


Avoiding Litigation

How Far is Far Enough?

  • An employee brings you a note from their doctor saying they need to be accommodated into a certain position. Do you need to follow doctor’s orders? This session will discuss an employer’s obligations under human rights legislation and when it is ok to say enough is enough. Participants will leave with practical advice on steps to take to avoid human rights complaints and other liability.


You’re Fired!

  •  They did what? Fire them now! But we all now it’s not that simple in Canada.This session will discuss a number of ways that an employee could be terminated – from and employer alleging “just cause” to an employee claiming constructive dismissal. This session will help you understand how to avoid litigation and deal with multiple claims, complaints and venues.


The Top Ten List

  •  Our pick of the top ten employment cases of 2016 – 2017. You will have to attend to find our choices.